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What is P1 Traffic Machine Enterprise?

P1 Traffic Machine is a WordPress Plugin developed by one of the SEO Expert Peter Garety. This is a WordPress Plugin that will SILO structure your blog or site for higher ranking and giving and making your site an Authority of the subject or niche.

 P1 Traffic Machine

As you can see, SILOing is one of the most powerful way of letting the Google bots index your site better. It will help the bots understand what your site is all about. With the help of P1 Traffic Machine, you will be able to rank for your keywords and LSI keywords through this silo structure.

Below is the P1 Traffic Machine Demo video for you to understand more How P1 Traffic Machine works


P1 Traffic Machine can generate a silo structured site in under 2 minutes as what you saw in the above video. You will now have the option to publish it or save it as draft and make some revision before making it live to the public.

All of these, in just few clicks of a button.

P1 Traffic Machine by Peter Garety is a powerful wordpress plugin indeed. If you choose to use the generated content of the plugin and publish it, you can do so. And if you wish to write your content after the SILO structure, you also have the option to do so. As you can see, this is a powerful SEO software that will help you ease your blogging and seo stuffs.

Here are the P1 Traffic Machine Features:

P1 Traffic Machine Overview

P1 Traffic Machine Silo Generator:

With P1 Silo Website Generator, you can create a properly SEO-optimized, SILO-structured and content-ready website in virtually any niche.

p1 traffic machine silo generator

P1 Traffic Machine Content Manager:

With simple Drag & Drop technology of P1 Traffic Machine, you can configure your content layout for your entire site.

P1 Traffic Machine Content Manager


P1 Traffic Machine Monetization Curator:

The P1 Monetization Curator is by far the most powerful money making system for a website.

P1 Traffic Machine Monetization Curator


P1 Traffic Machine Content Curator:

The key to ranking your website for hundreds and even thousands of keywords is making regular, FRESH content updates. And P1 Traffic Machine will do it for you.

P1 Traffic Machine Content Curator


P1 Traffic Machine Site Manager:

With P1 Site Manager you can control, command and adjust your entire website from a single page.

P1 Traffic Machine Site Manager


…and so much more!


P1 Traffic Machine Launch Info:

P1 Traffic Machine Launch: May 20, 2014

Time: 12:00pm EST

Price: $30 to $100 (this will go up to $499 after laucnh)



If you have been looking for a plugin to solve your SILOing problem, P1 Traffic Machine is the right tool for you. Not only it will ease your SEO tasks, but it will help you rank in the SERP fast. But don’t take my word for it, please see what other people are saying about P1 Traffic Machine here.

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P1 Traffic Machine Bonus

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P1 Traffic Machine Review


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